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gold trading signals and xau usd technical analysis


Before starting the technical gold analysis today, we would like to point out

that the daily gold analysis from Gold Pattern is based on
Basic technical analysis of the stock markets as well as the daily gold signals /recommendations
The difference in the gold recommendations is that it contains an entry point,

a price target and a stop loss that has been determined accurately and clearly
As for the gold analysis today and the gold price expectations technically,

the price of gold in the global market has made  bear correction
till to the 1277 level which represents about 62% correction of the previous bullish wave
This decline is the AB = CD correction pattern / zigzag which may give an opportunity

to buy gold today After the pattern is finished

That is why Gold Pattern is offering a gold purchase recommendation / signal

on the Gold Trading Exchange and can be obtained
On the recommendations of trading gold

for free and immediately on mobile and e-mail

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gold signals and analysis free live sms daily

Gold Price fell during this week's trading, according to Gold Pattern's previous gold analysis
The price of gold broke through the ascending channel line and

broke the previous support level near the 1290 level
The price of gold on the international exchange formed

the reversal price pattern known as head and shoulders pattern
Gold reached 1281 at the end of the second wave of the ABC zigzag correction
The price of gold near the current levels corrects

about 50% of the previous upward trend in the near term
The reversal hammer candlestick is an opportunity to buy gold on the hourly frame
Gold analysis today and Gold Technical Outlook from Gold Pattern

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sell gold trading signals live free sms

Gold price rises as we expected in the previous gold analysis

and the previous gold Signal / recommendation
During this rally, the price of gold formed the AB = CD standard
 The first wave of the pattern was from 1260 to 1285
And the second wave or the second leg from 1280 to 1303
 And the price of gold reached the level of 1303 is a channel price is expected to fall in price
Gold Technical Analysis Today and Gold Price signals
Gold is preferred to sell as long as gold is below 1315,

which represents an important resistance level
According to gold analysis today, Gold Pattern offers

a recommendation for the sale of immediate gold live for free

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The price of gold in the global gold market has breached the previous resistance level of 1282
According to the technical analysis of the financial markets, this penetration

is the beginning of a bullish trend for gold prices
And the technical outlook for gold today indicates an opportunity to

buy after the correction pattern on the near term
Which is very close to the past two days
The summary of gold price analysis and forecast today and technical analysis
Gold is preferred as long as gold trades above 1281
Gold Pattern's recommendation/ signals for gold is buying today's 1288


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Gold Price Analysis Outlook from Gold Pattern

Gold Technical Analysis today and the immediate free gold price forecasts

from Gold pattern website and the company
The price of the gold ounce in the global stock exchange broke

the bearish trend line which started from the 1357 level
The breach of the downtrend line represents an early reversal

signal for the bearish trend and the beginning of a new bullish trend in the near term
And the technical outlook for gold today indicates that gold prices continue to rise
The target price of the trend line is approximately 1,300

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buy gold signal and gold technical analysis

By analyzing the price of gold over the medium term we find that

the wave of the current decline
Preceded by a wave of decline equal to full length
A downward wave formed in June this year and started
At 1294 and ended at 1204, and the wave took approximately a month
And if we add this reference to the analysis of the previous technical gold

from Gold Patten
It is now an opportunity to buy gold as technical analysis of gold indicates
Therefore, we offer today the recommendation to buy gold immediately

for free and directly via mobile and e-mail

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gold technical analysis today from gold pattern

Gold technical price analysis and the end of the bearish wave

Gold Patten's recommendations offer daily gold price forecasts free

of charge and directly and instantly through the Gold Patten website

Gold trend in the near term as it is clear and the price of gold during

this decline formed the basic model of the direction of the bears

Where three three descending waves formed a bullish correction wave

The ounce of gold on the global stock market ended the falling wave

near the 1270 level which constitutes a support level

The gold technical analysis today also suggests buying

gold in the global gold market via the Internet

Especially with the support of the 1270 support level

and the end of the bearish wave and the expectations of

the gold analysis today on the price increase

To the former fourth wave area which is between

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Gold analysis and price trends today


Gold Technical Report today and the outlook for gold price trends on the global stock exchange
The price of gold broke the short term bearish trend line near the level
1300 which represents an early warning signal for a reversal of trend
Gold prices have rebounded near the trend line, which has become a

support level after breaching it and reversing its role
The price of gold today formed the bullish engulfing candlestick pattern on

the hourly frame which represents the entry point for the purchase
Gold analysis is also showing today's technical and price patterns

show us the chances of gold rising
This is why Gold Patten's website offers recommendations

for buying gold today for free, direct and immediate
Web site and on the email and mobile
In the framework of the program of Forex currency recommendations

and the recommendations of gold instant free on mobile and e-mail

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gold technical analysis and buy signal

Gold pattern presents gold price forecasts, gold technical analysis and a summary of gold reports today
By analyzing the price patterns of gold we find that gold prices form a measured move / zigzag pattern 
 During the strong downtrend that started from the 1357 level
The first wave of the pattern was the bearish move from 1357 to 1315
The second wave was from 1333 to 1287
Which in turn formed from a measured movement pattern smaller than
the first wave was from 1333 to 1304 and the second wave from 1316 to 1287
By analyzing this technical gold and studying gold price expectations today
We recommend buying gold as the technical outlook for gold indicates a corrective correction
At least, or a reversal of the current bearish trend in the near term

gold pattern the best free forex gold signals provider by sms and email

free buy gold signal today

buy @ 1292
tp1 @ 1306
tp2 @ 1316
sl @ 1285

Gold analysis today technically and trendline test


Gold Analysis Today and Gold Price Forecasts from the Gold Pattern Website
Gold is testing the rising trend line over the medium term now that started from the 1204 level
And if this bullish trend line proves to be a support for gold prices
And the price of gold above the level of 1320 is expected

to rise the price of gold and resume the upward trend
In the event of a break of the medium term uptrend line, gold will fall by the price target
For gold derived from the break of the trend line which is approximately 1280
As indicated by the technical gold analysis today

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gold technical analysis and wedge break out

Gold Technical Outlook is expected today from gold pattern

after the breark of the Wedge pattern Fast and sharp and during a strong price movement penetrated the gold price of the rising wedge pattern
 strength on the direction of gold prices and the outlook for gold today's technical analysis shows us a continued decline
Gold prices during the next trading sessions to achieve the target price for the wedge
But the question is whether there is a price gap on the clock  frame whether it will be filled now or not
The current gap can be considered a breakthrough gap for the pattern and therefore will not be filled now
Gold also rose slightly during today's trading and yesterday near the level of 1333, which is a correction of the previous downward wave by 38% of the ratios Fibonacci
Which may be a point to resume the decline and opportunity to sell from these levels

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gold forex signals and wedge pattern

Gold Technical analysis Outlook today indicates a possible bearish strength for gold prices
   Where gold prices formed the bullish wedge pattern, the price formed three peaks on the same trend line
The bottom of the second bottom was higher than the first bottom,

giving the bullish wedge pattern, which is look like the symmetrical triangle
But in a diagonal and has a bearish impact force, so

Gold Patten is offering a recommendation to sell gold today
Gold Technical Analysis and Gold Trading Recommendations
It is preferable to sell gold now or wait after brack out

the bullish trend line of the wedge pattern near the 1334 level

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gold trading signals and tchnical analysis

Gold price fell sharply from 1325 level with the start of gold trading this week
gold price XAU USD rose today after a wave of consecutive news to form a corrective wave rise to the previous wave of decline
gold formed the reversal engulfing candlestick pattern on the hourly frame which gives the gold sell signal
Gold technical analysis outlook today suggests opportunities to resume gold decline to form the second wave of decline
For this reason, Gold pattern offers a recommendation to sell instant live gold directly for free on mobile and e-mail
  For information all Gold Recommendations are live immediately executed when the best price is available

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free forex gold signals and shooting star

Gold is still trading below the important resistance area of ​​1296 which has succeeded in halting

gold gains twice Before that, the price of gold is testing it for the third time now
Gold has formed the reversal shooting star candlestick pattern on the daily farm ,

which gives an immediate entry sell signal for gold
After the technical analysis of  gold today and the analysis of price patterns

we discover that gold has declined rapidly and sharply from the level of 1300 until it

reached the level of 1280, which may represent the first wave in the expected downward

trend of gold Or in the expected correction 
Gold Analysis Summary Today and Gold Trading Recommendation
Gold Pattern today offers a recommendation for instant live sell

gold signal on mobile, e-mail and GoldPattern

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gold trading signals and resistance force

After a sharp and rapid rise and the price of gold trading reached the important resistance level near 1295
Which has succeeded in being a psychological barrier to stop the high price of gold
The technical analysis of gold today indicates the formation of a bearish candlestick engulfing pattern
On the four-hour interval, which represents an entry point for the sale of gold
The analysis of price patterns for gold is given a signal to formed bullish measured

movement pattern / zigzag which ends near the 1300 level
summary of gold technical analysis forecasts today
Is to sell gold below the 1300 level taking advantage of the end of

purchasing power pressure and the beginning of the selling force to emerge

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