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EUR USD TECHNICAL ANALYSIS and eurusd trading signals

EURUSD Technical Analysis Today in the near term during the sessionthe EUR traded this week

The EURUSD formed the bullish standard AB = CD pattern
The pattern started at 1.1730 and the pattern ended near 1.1857
Which is the signal for the sale of the euro today in the exchange of currencies or Forex
The medium term downtrend line has been in place since the beginning of September
To play the role of resistance against the rise of the euro and give a sell signal as well
Through the analysis of currencies and the analysis of the Euro-dollar technical today

we find that the price models
The EURUSD pair refers to the pair selling
Therefore, Gold Patten is offering currency recommendations today on

the EURUSD recommendation
For recommendations immediately and immediately without delay

and for free on mobile and email from the link below

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EUR / USD Forecast and Technical Analysis Today

In today's EURUSD analysis, daily currency analysis, and the GBPUSD price outlook
We find that the EURUSD fell sharply and quickly with the end of trading last week
We note that the EURUSD broke the near term support near the 1.1800 level
The pair formed the famous reversal price pattern known as the Double Tops pattern
Which is a signal of continued bearishness for the EUR usd
To 1.1730, which represents the price target derived from the double-peaks pattern
Today's technical summary for the EUR, USD, and EURUSD forecast
The EUR / USD is preferred to sell on the global FOREX exchange

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Gold Pattern's recommendations today offer currency trading, forex and currency analysis
And thegbp usd  pair's expectations today
The GBPUSD formed the standard bullish move from 1.3030
Which is considered the beginning of the first wave
The first wave ended near the 1.3260 level
The second or last wave of growth started at 1.3120 and ended at 1.3335
It can be seen that the last wave is equal to the first wave of the pattern,

which represents an opportunity to sell today
Summary of the technical analysis of the currencies and

the expectations of the price of the pound dollars
The GBP / USD pair is preferred to sell against the US dollar on Forex today
This is why Gold Parttern offers a recommendation to sell the GBP usd

for free online, on mobile and e-mail

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EUR USD signals achieved 120 points

The Euro-Dollar recommendation issued on Friday 6 October achieved

the first target of winning 70 points and the second target 50 points
The EUR / USD recommendation and the currency recommendations on Friday will be 120 points
Where the recommendation entry price was at 1.1700 and

the EURUSD formed the down wedge pattern
All XM customers and all Forex and Gold traders can get Forex and currency analysis
And currency or forex recommendations / signals on mobile

and email free of charge from Gold Patten
This is the recommendation to buy EURUSD

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forex signals sms free and gbp usd analysis

Forex and Forex analyzes and daily currency expectations and GBP / USD technical analysis
The pair is trading in the near term bear trend started from 1.3650 and

the price has increased and tested the bearish trend line
For the third time near the 1.3440 level and the downside trend succeeded in playing a role
The resistance level of the price of the pound dollars,

the pair and the shape of the candle has lost the reflective bears on the clock
As technical currency analysis and GBPUSD analysis tells us today
Preferably selling the GBP pair to take advantage of trading with the downtrend line
Gold Patron, the best currency and gold recommendation site, recommends selling the GBP
You can get currency and gold recommendations on mobile and e-mail for free

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Currency analysis today and technical analysis of the GBP usd

fx , Forex and Technical Analysis for GBPUSD today
After breaking the head, shoulders and trading recommendations
GBP / USD price action formed the famous head and shoulders reversal pattern
The price has break down the neckline of the pattern near

the 1.3440 level which represents an opportunity to sell the GBP usd
also The pair breached the medium term uptrend line near 1.3430
As the  Forex trading analysis today and the GBPUSD technical analysis shows

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Forex Forecasts signals and the Euro Dollar Trends

Forex Technical Analysis and the recommendations and expectations

of the Euro-Dollar pair today in the Forex market and market
The EURUSD reached the medium term support level near 1.1830 and the EURUSD has formed
The bullish reversal candle hammer is a point of entry to buy the euro against the dollar

The pair formed the bearish zigzzag price pattern starting at 1.2030
The first or first wave of the pattern ended near 1.1860
The second wave started at 1.2000 and the end of the second wave

is expected to be near 1.1830
As forecasts of technical analysis of currencies and analysis of the euro and

the dollar and Forex today
It is preferable to buy EURUSD from 1.1830 targeting the price target of the pattern
That is why GoldParton is offering to buy EURUSD today for free

and immediately on mobile , eMail and via the Gold Pattern website

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forex GBP / USD Technical Analysis for long term

GoldBattern is a British company that offers analysis and recommendations for currencies, forex and gold

and today offers technical currency analysis and GBPUSD forecasts
Looking at the GBPusd  pairs for the long term we find that the Sterling pound trend has fallen since mid-2014
GBP / USD is testing the long term downtrend line from 1.7190
The bearish trend line has succeeded in forming a resistance level to the GBP / USD.

The pair has stopped rising
The GBPUSD formed the reversal  bearish candlestick pattern at the end of last week's trading,

which represents an opportunity to enter
Forex Technical Summary and gbp usd trading forecasting

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GBPUSD technical analysis and next bearish wave

Today's currency analysis, the GBPUSD technical analysis and the currency price outlook from Gold Pattern
The GBPUSD formed bullish mesured move pattern and the first wave of the pattern was from 1.1980
and It ended near 1.3060 followed by a bearish correction

and a second wave was from  1.2600The second wave ended near 1.3600,

which represents an opportunity for the pair to fall
Where the currency analysis and analysis of the GBP technical dollars to
The pair's chances of falling are correcting or reversing the current bullish trend over the medium term
Thus, the GBP / USD outlook indicates downside opportunities
Forex Trading Strategy and GBP usd Today

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Eur usd technical analysis and downtrend

Currency fx Analysis, Euro-Dollar Analysis, and the Wedge pattern 

The EURUSD pair has spiked rapidly and sharply
After breaking the wedge pattern until eur usd reached near 1.1830 and

the pair made a corrective wave To 1.1980 which represents

an opportunity to sell the pair as the pair is expected to resume
The bearish trend reaches the beginning of the wedge pattern
The technical analysis of the currencies fx and the EURUSD indicates that

the pair has breaked the bullish trend line over the medium term
Which is pushing the pair to continue to decline until the target price

of the trend line near the level of 1.1730
EURUSD Technical Summary and Free Forex Trading Strategy

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EURUSD and currency analysis today after the expected drop from Gold Patten
As we noted in the previous analysis of the Euro Dollar

to a possible decline already fell the pair quickly and sharply
The EURUSD formed during this decline the measured move  pattern and was the first wave
Fell from 1.2090 to 1.1924 and the second wave from 1.1990 to 1.1837
level 1.1837 Which represents the medium term support level,

the price stopped above this level and formed the reflective candlestick pattern known as the hammer
The technical analysis of today's currencies and the EURUSD outlook give chances for the pair to rise
Forex Currencies and Technical Analysis Today

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eur usd technical analysis and shooting star

The EURUSD pair has continued to rise in the long and medium term since the beginning of

this year 2017 and did not see this rapid rise A strong decline and

currency technical analysis today and a technical analysis of the Euro,

Gold Pattern find that the pair reached a resistance level in the long term
And the large bottom formed by the Euro in 2012 and after breaking

this bottom is now a resistance level either the rise of the euro
Where it is known that support levels reflect their roles after penetration

and become resistance levels
Forex trading Analysis and the technical analysis of the EURUSD

today from Gold Patten indicates another resistance level near 1.2070
This level of resistance has succeeded in stopping the EUR / USD rally and

EURUSD has formed the reversal shooting star pattern on the daily fram 
During last week's trading
Forex Technical Analysis and EURUSD Analysis

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EUR USD SELL Signals and free forex signals

EURUSD formed the bullish zigzag ABC pattern as well as the pattern of the continuation flag pattern
The revolutionary pattern ended near 1.1825, which represents a sell signal
After the TECHNICAL analysis  of the currencies today and the technical analysis of the Euro usd,

it is clear to us that there is a chance for the continuation of the bearish trend of the Euro in the near term
Today's technical trading analysis summary of the EURUSD and

the EURUSD trade recommendation in the Forex market
The EUR / USD pair should be sold today to take advantage of the expected decline

get free forex trading signals daily via sms and email from GOLD PATTERN 

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free forex signals sms and gbp usd technical analysis

The GBPUSD trend moved up from 1.1985 to be a bullish trend from the beginning of 2017

The pair has formed a bullish trend in the near term from 1.2590 to the current 1.3244 level

In the near term, the GBPUSD formed the standard move pattern, known as the zigzag pattern,

and the first step of the pattern or the first wave was the movement from 1.2590 to 1.3030

Which is equal to the second WAVE of the pattern from 1.2800 to 1.3244

The GBPUSD also formed the BULLISH  measured movement pattern during

the past two weeks' trading, which is a sell signal

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sell GBP USD trading signals forex tips

GBP USD Pairs formed abc bullish zigzag bull measured move and the pattern finished near level 1.3150

that generate sell gbpusd trading signals  forex tecgnical trading analysis today for GBPUSD

refers to next bearish move so 

gold pattern forex signals presents sell gbp usd trading signals free live online sms and email


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