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Australian Dollar Forecast against the US Dollar and the emergence of the measured Move pattern and the symmetrical triangle pattern

Currency trading continues to fluctuate at the end of the year and the beginning of a new year

In the analysis of the Australian dollar versus the US dollar, we find that the pair formed

the measured move pattern or the Zigzag pattern

The Australian Dollar started the bullish zigzag pattern of the bullish movement from 0.7500 to 0.7700,

which represents the first wave

The second wave was from 0.7650 to 0.7870

The two ascending waves had a corrective wave, which was a symmetrical triangle pattern

and based on the above

 the Australian Dollar are pointing to an upcoming bearish wave

Especially with the emergence of a continuous triangle pattern

Which indicates that the second bullish wave in the measured  move pattern is the last wave

Australian Dollar vs. the US Dollar today

Preferably sell Australian pair dollars

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